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Just off the 101 freeway in North Scottsdale 
17 miles from Phoenix International Airport (PHX), 7 miles from Scottsdale Airport (SCF)

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Route 666 Run May 31, 2014

(Mark your calendar!)

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Where are we in Phoenix and why our location matters?

Our Arizona Motorcycle Touring Center rental office is conveniently located only 17 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and in a short distance from nearby hotels and premier attractions in Scottsdale. Phoenix is mostly referred to as the Phoenix Metro area which incorporates more than thirty smaller cities and townships. Scottsdale is one of the largest and definitely the most affluent with a plentitude of restaurants, shops, bars, art galleries and so on. Before and after your ride it is the best place to be. Our location might save you hundreds on cab fare! << Our Phoenix/Scottsdale rental office enjoys another important geographical advantage. It is not only close to the airport and all the amenities, but you can also very quickly get to your actual ride. It takes only four miles to get out of town and to be where you really want to be, on the road: only four short miles, no wasted time in traffic. Phoenix, Arizona is strategically positioned for your Southwestern tours. When the weather is warm, you can head north to Sedona and the Grand Canyon or northeast to the Arizona White Mountains. Later is the home of the annual Route 666 Run. Extended trips would take you further into Southern Utah, Colorado or Northern New Mexico. As winter approaches you may want to stay at lower elevations and explore the Southern part of the state: Tombstone, Bisbee, the Saguaro National Park and many more. The Arizona West-Coast is a winter escape for many and our riders are no exception. If you want to try your luck, a jackpot in Laughlin or Vegas might pay your entire trip.

An American motorcycle tour is a dream of millions of riders around the globe and we are here to assist you in making it a reality. If you plan a Southwest motorcycle tour, Arizona – with more than 2000 miles of scenic routes – is the best place to start your ride. Let your destination be the Grand Canyon, the Bryce Canyon, the land of Saguaro Cactuses, the Mesa Verde or even Las Vegas, Phoenix is the ideal hub to mount into the saddle and follow the traces of the early Wild West adventurers.

Motorcycle rental in the USA is getting ever more popular and there is a good reason for it. Why would you spend your valuable time traveling on the highway to your destination while you could have one more scenic motorcycle ride around the place you’ve chosen?

Arizona’s colorful history spans from prehistoric times to the present. Native Americans and Spanish missionaries, Wild West heroes and outlaws, pioneers of historic mining towns, and a multitude of others have left their footprints on this land and created a unique cultural blend. Add to that mix the highest-rated resorts, mouthwatering meals, excellent shopping opportunities, thousands of events, scenic roads that connect them and you’ll understand why we suggest that you check out the Arizona Motorcycle Experience. We invite you to explore the home of, where you find information on motorcycle tours in Arizona, motorcycle rental options for self-guided tours and dozens of reasons to visit us in Phoenix . . .

Our goal at is to provide fun and relaxed motorcycle experience for riders and passengers in Arizona, the most diverse state in the country – where the roads are as exceptional as the destinations to which they lead. No matter what time of year, Arizona has always something to offer.

The current weather in Arizona:

fall – winter – spring destination
late spring – summer – early fall destination
spring – summer – fall destination

Fahrenheit* 32 50 60 70 80 90 100 110
Celsius* 0 10 16 21 27 32 38 43
* Thanks to the very low humidity in Arizona, the temperature that you’d feel uncomfortable in other locations is just fine here. But always rememeber, due to the very low humidity, you must drink a lot more(water!) than you would do in other places