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Taking a look behind the curtains to learn who runs the show before you actually line up for a ticket is a wise decision. You read about the director before you go to a theater performance, so why overlook this crucial information when selecting a vacation?

So, here we are: the people behind the Web pages of AZride.com that is fully operated by 1st Defense Industries, Inc., a motorcycle tour operator company.  Gaylen Brotherson is the CEO and Owner of 1st Defense Industries, Inc.  Gaylen has been in and around the Motorcycle Business since 1975... as a Harley-Davidson, Honda, BMW, Kawasaki, Moto-Guzzi and Vespa Dealer, He also sold Ski-Doo, and Kawasaki Snowmobiles and Kawasaki Jet Skis for years. In addition, is the President of the National Motorcycle Dealers Association, spent many years in Stock Car and Motorcycle Racing as an owner of several race tracks, also past President of the IMCA Racing Association, past President of the Kawasaki Jet Ski Racing Association, is a Licensed Insurance Agent and a Third Party Insurance Administrator and has been in the Motorcycle Rental Business since 1996.  He will be happy to help you with your Motorcycle Trip planning and reservations whether you are looking for  a Daily or Weekly Rental; a Group Guided or GPS Tour, One-Way Tour or Route 66 Ride for you or your Group.

Here you can learn more about the faces behind the words, or you can jump directly to our business principle.

If you had more than three decades of Motorcycle industry experience and you were excited about motorcycling as well as about the prospect of sharing your fun experiences with others, what would you do? Yes, you’d establish a motorcycle sales, rental and tour operator company! It's as simple as that and this is how our story goes.

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Our Staff: We have Marjorie, Kathy, Judy and Ed standing by to answer any and all questions on rentals and tours.... also to take care of your reservations and most of the programs arranged around the ride, such as Hotel Accommodations, Routes, Weather, even Shopping. They want to make sure that riders and passengers receive the personalized attention they deserve. They have spent over a decade in Customer Service which gives them the know-how for getting the details right. There is only one thing we like better than enjoying our own vacation: to see you smile as you enjoy your vacation with AZride.com. The reason behind it is quite profound. Our most valuable asset is time. If you can contribute to the value of the time that other people spend, it is like giving a gift to someone. This is simply great, isn't it?

Yellow GoldwingI've been running equipment and riding since I was a child on the Farm in Iowa, starting out on a Tractor. I learned early how to handle equipment and quickly turned to the love of automobiles and motorcycles.  world of motorcycling 




    Our Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy reflects the thought of the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus: "You cannot step into the same river twice." For us this means the following:

1. We know that you cannot go on the same vacation twice. No matter what type of insurance you have, the time you spend on a trip is irreversible. There is no "do over". The days that are gone, are gone forever, so you want them to be PERFECT!

2. Sad but true, with each new day we get one day older. The opportunities that lie ahead are vast but not infinite, so we encourage you not to wait for next winter, next summer, or sometime in the future, but rather to take part of The Arizona Motorcycle Experience.

Thanks for checking us out, give me a call about your rental plans and I hope to see you in our store.

        Gaylen Brotherson – CEO

AZ Ride Motorcycle Rentals

AZ Ride National Headquarters

9419 E. San Salvador Dr., Suite # 106

Mailing Address P.O. Box 6545

Scottsdale, Arizona 85261

(800)717-7970 ext # 317

Cell (602)989-0974....  I answer 24/7

“Discover and Explore America on a Motorcycle”

AZride.com is fully operated by 1st Defense Industries, Inc. Phoenix / Scottsdale, AZ